Makeup Brushes Everyone Needs


Hi Everyone! Any make up geek could tell you that whatever you use to apply your makeup is really what can make it look good (or bad). Here are some of the essential makeup brushes that are perfect for anyone no matter how much or little makeup you wear.

Face BrushReal Techniques Expert Face Brush

This brush works wonders in blending in foundation, creams, liquids, and powder products. This brush is so multifunctional, everyone can find a purpose for it.  


Bronzing Brush : Japonesque Brush

The Japonesque contour brush the ultimate bronzing/contour brush. The shape of this brush allows for even and quick application, but the size still allows for great control.


Crease BrushWet N Wild Crease Brush 

This collection in particular allows for incredible eyeshadow application. This brush can also act as an all-over-the-eye kind of brush if necessary: from blending in concealer, under eye pigment, lid shimmer, aswell as precision concealing.


Setting Brush :  Real Techniques Setting Brush 

When it comes to setting under the eyes you want to make sure the brush is small enough to touch the nose and the complete under eye. This brush provides amazing control and is a great option! I also love it for blending in concealer under the eye if I’m in a hurry.



Lid Brush : Morphe M167 Oval Shadow Brush

This Brush works amazing for putting any color on your lid or placing it just under your lash line. This brush also can work great for spot concealing!




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