How to be a More Organized Person

How to be a More Organized Person

Hi Everyone, with the modern-day responsibilities of having to balance school, work, a social life, and just about a million other things it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of everything! Over the past year or so I have really tried to improve my organization skills and here are some of my favorite tips that I use to keep my house clean, my mind decluttered, and myself prepared for the day. I hope you all enjoy!

Use the 2 minute or less rule

Basically if you have just finished eating dinner and you know it is going to take less than 2 minutes to clean up your plate, just do it. Then it won’t pile up and have to receive more attention and work later on. Same applies for anything that you know will just take a couple of minutes.

Create a list with all your passwords on it

Stop searching everywhere for your passwords! In a journal or in the notes app on your phone write down all your passwords with whatever they belong to. Sure, there are ‘security’ concerns with keeping a list lying around, but you’ll save so much time having these handy rather than getting locked out from trying the wrong password too many times, or having to reset the password each time you try to log in somewhere.

Write down everything you need to leave the house with

Forgetting my headphones, water bottle, charged phone and laptop is a day ruiner. Writing down everything you need and stick it on the door, your mirror, or as your home screen on your phone it will almost guarantee that your day will flow much happier.

Do a simple task to make you feel complete

Doing something like always making your bed, making an effort to maintain a clean bathroom, or always keeping your nails looking super pretty will affect the outcome mood of the day!

Happy Friday

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